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                 福建海峡旅游文化传媒有限公司是福建省旅游局与厦门翔业集团合资成立的国有大型专业传媒公司。公司业务以 《海峡旅游》杂志及新媒体经营为基础,衍生并深度运营村跑、陌上客等大众高参与度的自有品牌媒体产品,且 进一步延伸为旅游景点、机场、酒店及其他公共及商业类客户提供涵盖品牌策划、广告投放、公关活动策划执行 等在内的品牌全案服务,最终致力于成为旅游及文化领域注意力媒体产品孵化平台,不断为客户创造价值。

          Fujian Strait Travel Media Co., Ltd, a joint venture of the Fujian Province and Xiamen Iport Group, is a large-scale state-owned professional company. Based on it basic business of the Strait Travel Magazine and new media operation, the company does not only expands into its own-brand media products such as cross-country running and More- and-Travel in which fans are highly involved, but also provides overall brand service for its public and commercial clients such as brand planning, advertisements, public relations activities implementation on some airports, hotels and tourist attractions. We are committed to becoming the focus-media product platform of tourism and culture fields which are creating more values continuously for clients.

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